The initial idea of the “Balkan Women Coalition” rose in 2012 and was developed from partner organizations from Greece, Romania, Croatia, FYROM, Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria and Turkey.

The Association of Women Entrepreneurs in Bulgaria “Vselena” is an NGO, founded in 2017 by a group of ladies sharing the same ideas and vision – women with outstanding entrepreneurial experience and profound professional expertise in a number of important spheres of our economic and social life. The founders have over 15 years of experience in women entrepreneurship support and development.

The members are united by a common goal – to work actively for the development of women entrepreneurship in Bulgaria, for defining its priorities and for creating prerequisites for its encouragement and social acknowledgement.

The organisation is focused on improving the entrepreneurial competences and skills of women, providing training, business support, mentoring and access to expert information, stimulating the economic potential of women entrepreneurship in Bulgaria, enhancing employability of women and national competitiveness, stimulating and promoting social entrepreneurship.

Vselena is engaged in creating favourable business climate for women entrepreneurship and in contributing to ensuring access of women to finance.

We maintain an on-going dialogue with institutions, authorities and media to raise awareness and visibility of women entrepreneurship in society.

Vselena works together with women entrepreneurs from our region and the EU countries for the establishment of an international network of women entrepreneurs, for the exchange of experience and good practices and for the development of business relations between them.