The initial idea of the “Balkan Women Coalition” rose in 2012 and was developed from partner organizations from Greece, Romania, Croatia, FYROM, Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria and Turkey.

Greek Association Of Women Entrepreneurs (S.E.G.E.)

The Greek Association of Women Entrepreneurs (S.E.G.E.), since its establishment in 1997, has an important role in the promotion of women in the business field. It is administrated by a 9-member council. Members of S.E.G.E. are women from all over Greece, active in the business area, either by owing an enterprise or by participating in one as board members or/and shareholder. Today, S.E.G.E. has more than 700 members across Greece. As a non – governmental and non – profit organization S.E.G.E. is active in improving and increasing the involvement of women in business activity by providing to them all the information and assistance that is needed to ease their career. S.E.G.E. has as well played a vital role in eliminating gender discriminations in the financial sector by promoting female entrepreneurial activity. S.E.G.E. has also been a member of the Committee on Trade and Development of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), of the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece (F.I.N.G.), of the Association of Organisations of Mediterranean Businesswomen (AFAEMME) and many of its members participate as board members at Greek Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Furthermore, S.E.G.E. collaborates with the Greek Ministries, the Greek Social Services and several NGOs with the purpose of advancing the rights of women entrepreneurs. S.E.G.E. successfully has organised and its members have attended B2B Meetings in Turkey, Bulgaria, F.Y.R.O.M., Romania, Albania, Italy, Spain, Lebanon, Cyprus, Egypt, Armenia, Azerbaitzan and Georgia. Many of these projects were financed through European Programmes. In addition S.E.G.E. has participated and brought successfully to an end several European Projects.

UniversityCollege of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Management "Nikola Subic Zrinski"

Theoretical and particularly practical knowledge that will be obtained here, whether individually or by team work, will enable you for fast, efficient and safe integration into the world of sustainable economy, constant changes, huge competition and global interests.
Syllabus and the study programme of UCEEM-NSZ provide students with entrepreneurial knowledge and skills which on the one hand increase the longevity of the business organization in which they work, and on the other hand contribute to their participation in the social community. Namely, in order to increase students’ competitiveness, the programme combines theory and practice so the all the second year students start up their Small and Medium Enterprise.
The UCEEM-NSZ contains the Student Business Incubator, a pool of mentors, experts in various areas ranging from entrepreneurship, communication, languages, culture, agronomy, etc. The Student Business Incubator is under auspices of Croatian Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship and Croatian Chamber of Economy. In line with the syllabus of UCEEM-NSZ and following the European and world directives for fostering entrepreneurship, the Student Business Incubator is initiated as the central advisory body to provide organisational and advising help in managing a company.
Furthermore, the UCEEM-NSZ is the part of an Institutional system for Education for Entrepreneurship (E4E, launched by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce
.Since 2009 the UCEEM-NSZ is a holder of Erasmus University Charter and takes part in the Erasmus programme. In 2010 the UCEEM-NSZ in a partner in a project financed by the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship “Children’s Days of Entrepreneurship” which was organized in 8 Croatian cities.
Previous training programs and research of the University “N. S. Zrinski” represent organization and realization of the programmes financed by the Ministry of economy, labour and entrepreneurship: Business Incubator in higher education; Children’s Days of Entrepreneurship in elementary schools; Children’s Days of Entrepreneurship in kindergartens. Experts from the University “N. Š. Zrinski” were members of the Working group for development of the National strategy for Entrepreneurial Learning. The Strategy for Entrepreneurial Learning “Poduzetna Hrvatska”(eng. Entrepreneurial Croatia) provides a framework for creation of an educational and stimulating social environment oriented towards entrepreneurship.

Association of Women Entrepreneurs in Bulgaria ”SELENA”

The Association of Women Entrepreneurs in Bulgaria “SELENA” was registered on 17 January 2007 inSofia, Bulgaria. SELENA is a non-profit organisation. It provides opportunities for all businesswomen at every stage of their career, to empower other women in the development and advancement of their business’ and professional lives, fostering financial independence, professional development and personal satisfaction.The mission statement of “SELENA” is to encourages women to support each other, to enhance recognition of the achievements of women in business and the professions, and promotes the growth of women-owned enterprises through research and sharing information, training opportunities, project development, business meeting, credit facilitation, creating of women business networks, etc. SELENA has been founded by a group of different skilled people working together to create synergies aimed at exploring development opportunities for the Bulgarian economy on an international level in the following sectors: training, entrepreneurial management and business strategy, consulting services, communication and marketing activities, European funds and Community programmes, coordination of territorial improvement projects. Our Association intends to cooperate as external expert with institutions, Ministries, Regions and public bodies in order to plan various projects: trainings and refresher courses, virtual incubators for businesswomen, promotion and development of women’s entrepreneurship, monitoring, researches, vocational guidance, promotion of entrepreneurial values, scholarships, traineeships and tutoring. SELENA aims at becoming the key interlocutor with the appropriate institutions in order to define and share its aims, promote networks and partnerships, by fulfilling the twofold objective of giving women a stronger voice, while confirming and underlining the increasing contribution that women always give to the economic and social development of each country. Selena organized the 1° and 2° international forum of female entrepreneurs in Bulgaria, in collaboration with the Bulgarian Executive Agency for Development and promotion of SMEs and with the support of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and Ministry of Economy and Energy.Selena is also involved in awareness building of employers for integration of disadvantaged groups, the importance of job placement, lifelong guidance activity. Selena would like to develop its staff’s soft skills that involved in guidance and job placement activities and also would like to share it’s national and international experiences in integration process of women entrepreneurs to the labour market, introduce it’s services, training programmes and publications.


Regional Center for Organization Management (Fundatia “Centrul Regional de Management Organizational”)

The Regional Center for Organization Management (RCOM) is a Romanian foundation established in 2007 by the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE).  RCOM’s mission is to offer information, training and consulting services to membership-based organizations in the Balkan region and Eastern Europe.
RCOM provides professional consulting services to business associations and other types of NGOs that would like to assess and improve areas such as organizational structure, activities, programs and services, resources management etc. RCOM offers services such as: training programs; strategic planning sessions; drafting legislative agendas; designing and coordinating membership campaigns; programs and services assessment; event management and focus group facilitation.
RCOM carries on CIPE Romania’s expertise of more than seven years of designing and implementing programs for business associations, chambers of commerce and women business associations in Romania and the Balkan region. RCOM is based in Bucharest, Romania and has a team of 4  staff and 15 consultants.
Under the Center for International Private Enterprise’s auspices, the RCOM experts have had a key role in building the first-ever Coalition of Women’s Business Associations in Romania (CAFA) in 2004 and in helping it become a significant and credible partner in the public decision-making process. RCOM continues to support the development of women entrepreneurs and the Coalition, and is a regular participant and speaker at events hosted by the Coalition every year.
In 2005 – 2007, under CIPE guidance, the RCOM experts have initiated and supported the creation of a Balkan Coalition of Women’s Business Associations. The purpose  of this endeavor was to create a network of women’s business groups that could promote a policy agenda to improve the status of female entrepreneurs in society and the overall business environment.  
In 2006-2007, the RCOM experts have also worked with women business associations in the Balkan region and provided training in association management and public policy advocacy.
In 2008, RCOM became a World Bank Vendor and implemented two projects with funding from the World Bank.

Woman Entrepreneurship Association of Turkey - KAGİDER

The Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (KAGIDER) was chartered in September 2002 by 37 successful women entrepreneurs. KAGIDER is a unique NGO which contributes new dimensions to the progression of civil society culture in Turkey.
The main activities of KAGİDER are conducting advocacy activities by developing policies in order to maintain gender equality and organizing activities and developing projects for supporting and strengthening women entrepreneurship.
In eight years of time KAGIDER has become a strong and viable civil society actor which provides alternative solutions to women’s empowerment and socio-economic development issues.
Mission and Vision
Mission: Developing entrepreneurship among women to strengthen their status economically and socially.
Vision: Creating a world in which women produce and establish their existence independently and play an effective role in decision-making processes.
Today, KAGIDER has 208  members, all active in various sectors such as textiles, communication, public relations, tourism, mining, chemistry and health. KAGIDER, with its ongoing projects has reached more than 6000 women in 20 cities throughout Turkey and focuses on projects to develop entrepreneurship among women as well as their economic, social and political development.
WE- Mentor was built on a partnership of 10 EU member states organized in the consortium of the completed project “WomEn2FP6” with the objective of motivating women entrepreneurs to participate in projects under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission. Four EU member states (Belgium, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom) took the lead to mentor 4 countries to the topic of integrating women entrepreneurs into European Research (India, Israel, Romania and Turkey).
Within the WE- Mentor Project, which aims to provide support and consultancy for women entrepreneurs, who want to be involved in the European projects, training of the trainer meetings and also meetings with the regional partners were realized in 2007. By 2008, 32 women entrepreneur profiles were added to the European Database. Furthermore, two workshops were held on October, 16th -17th2008 inIstanbul and Izmir. As another part of the project, KAGİDER made the first matching of two profiles in the database.

Association of Business Women “EVE”, Valjevo

The Women Entrepreneurship Association, “EVE” Valjevo was founded in the year 2006 with the intention of improving the position of women entrepreneurs in the regional area , by encouraging long-term success of business women and women leadership in all areas of labor and creative work. At the same time, the role of Women Entrepreneurship Association is to position women entrepreneurship to profit,  and to strengthen it and direct it to excellence.
Women Entrepreneurship Association supports creative development of business, information technology strengthening and connecting, transparency, friendship, and cooperation.
Women entrepreneurship on the path to excellence through quality, confidence, integrity and profit.It promotes entrepreneurial way of thinking and behavior of members by giving support to them. The Association expects that every member will be able to find the right way to advance and develop their own businesses and brings together women entrepreneurs who find pleasure in creative work and meaningful business organization. At the same time, the Association promotes women’s entrepreneurial initiatives, educate members how to advance their business, and strives to provide them with financial and promotional support. The Association collaborates with entrepreneurial women associations and networks and spreads the idea that women entrepreneurship is a competitive advantage of Serbia.

Professional, Businesswomen and Handcrafters Association. SHGPAZ (PBWHA)

The Professional & Business Association represents that group of women and girls who consider their business as a humanism, emancipation, culture and economy. PBWHA is one of the oldest associations in Albania, which was created in 1992 and is known nationally and internationally. Following the western experience, this association has conducted a range of services for Albanian women in business by informing, training, organizing trade forums, B2B, fair, exhibition, seminars and conferences, TV talk shows home and abroad.
This association is in network with many regional and international organizations. Emancipation of Albanian women through increase of their authority in all professions is our mission. Also, support and encouragement of women in their economic professional activity.  Our strategy is supporting the development of small and medium enterprises run by women in the republic of Albania by:Technical services:  
– New technology;
– New equipment;
– New product development;
– Implementation  of international standards(ISO 9001-2000);
– Accounting
– Equip with ITC
– Creation of data base
– Networking with other partners in Europe
– Training
– Business plan development;
– Strategic marketing plan development;
– Credit facilitation;
– Market research;
– Consumer awareness and education campaign development;
– Distribution system study and recommendations;
– Management systems development
– Business development through national and  international fair; international business network;
Lobbying with: Local and central government, Donators, Other NGO, Fiscal package, leasing law etc.   Association has been involved in the implantation of several activities related to business improvement and growth, lobbying the central and local government on several issue related to business.

Association of Business women, Skopje

The Association assembling its members in order to provide relationships between the business women of regional, national and international level, aiming at the development of their personal businesses respectively, at presentation of various possibilities and needs, and on the ground of forementioned, at identification and utilization of available domestic and foreign resources (partners, knowledge, new markets, capital assets, technology and similar).
The realization of the aims for its members from paragraph 1 of this article is attained through the following activities of the Association:
1. Support for the policies of promotion of women’s entrepreneurship;
2. Support for the policies of promotion of women’s entrepreneurship aimed at efficient strategis development of the women’s entrepreneurship;
3. Education in the field of the women’s entepreneurship;
4. Financing the women’s entepreneurship;
5. Promotion of the interests of women’s entrepreneurship;
6. Connecting with similar associations and groups abroad;
7. Supporting the profitable, creative and specialized sprojects of the members of the Association;
8. Supporting the members of the Association in promotion of their business interests;
9. Organizing and maintaining an information database for women in businesses;
10. Supporting through the network of women’s organizations the involvement of the members of the Association in the projects and credit lines of the state programs, as well as in the European and other worldwide programs, organizations and institutions;
11. Starting with the organization of the education for various aspects of starting and leading business;
12. Founding specialized centers or branches for information, consultational and educational services;
13. Enabling an inclusion of their members to the international databases;
14. Providing the members with the new knowledge and technologies;
Providing various support of profitable, creative, and specialized projects of its members.

National Council for Gender Equality

The National Council for gender equality (NCGE) is a grass-root multiethnic network of 106 independent local women’s organizations in FYROM. The NCGE was established in October 1994 and today brings together about 80,000 urban and rural women from different ethnic, religious, cultural and social background.
Our vision is gender equality, development and peace.
Our mission ispromotion of women’s rights as human rights, elimination of all forms of women’s discrimination and building a society with equal opportunities.
Programs scheme:
– Programme against all forms of violence against women;
– Programme on economic empowerment of women;
– Programme on political empowerment of women;
– Programme on peace and conflict resolution;
– Programme on organizational and individual capacity building

Association of Business Women in Serbia

The organization has 200 members (with a 6 member board and 2 full-time employees) and is established in Serbia. Its main aims and objectives are: Increase the number of women start-ups, Raise awareness and reinforce the visibility of women business owners, Encourage existing woman-owned companies to expand their businesses, Provide a forum where women entrepreneurs can exchange ideas and increase their business contacts, Influence the development of public policies which are favorable for SMEs, Strengthen local, regional, and international ties among women entrepreneurs through the exchange of experiences and ideas, Promote social responsibility and a high standard of ethics in business, Training in new business opportunities.
The organization take place in the following projects the last years:
– “From vulnerable to sustainable Group” research on women’s position at the labor market, founded by UNDP. The coordinating organization is the ABW. The results of the project is qualitative business to business and quantitative research which had as result Research study on how to overcome poverty among women by self-employment.
– “Ronja Education center”RECQ funded by the Olof-palme Institute. The coordination of the project is done by the Union of Tenants Stockholm Sweden. In 2007 and 2008 years,  two three-days seminars were organized for them in business plan development, micro-financing opportunities, registration of the firm and basic management skills. The VoždovacMunicipality informed its women inhabitants of the seminar in written and electronic form. The seminar was also supported by the Municipality management, which has the capacity to render assistance to individual unemployed women trying to get employed.
– ‘Freja’ Forum for democracy, equal opportunities and EU integration, funded by the Olof-palme Institute. The coordination of the project is done by the Union of Tenants Stockholm Sweden. The main objective of Freja 2007 was to create and develop new possibilities and contacts in working life and     society for women and also to build a network to support female entrepreneurship between the four countries in the western Balkans, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina. It was held in Tuzla.

Journalists for children and women rights and environmental protection - JCWE

JCWE is a non-profit civil organization from various ethical, national and religious background and different working interest. Our vision is youth prosperity, gender equality, guaranty of women’s and children rights as human rights and elimination of the discrimination of women in the society and the family; peace and conflict resolutions; develop non conflict society; children rights and environment rights, the free of media and expression.
The mission of JCWE is support of the local organizations; support of the woman, youth and children as individual; development; citizen’s participation in the public life, advocacy and promotion; women’s rights; youth rights; children rights; struggle against the violence; abuse and trafficking of children, girls and women; equal possibilities and equal participation in all spheres of social life.The number of employed staff is 3 full time and 7 part time.