The initial idea of the “Balkan Women Coalition” rose in 2012 and was developed from partner organizations from Greece, Romania, Croatia, FYROM, Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria and Turkey.

The B-WCo II project is working on the preparation and piloting of the following main outputs:

  • Output 1 – “Development of a skills assessment framework for social entrepreneurship”
  • Output 2 – “Social Enterprise Booster Circle Methodology”
  • Output 3 – “Social Enterprise Booster Circle for Women - A Comprehensive Training Programme”
  • Output 4 – “Boost Your Social Enterprise - Building a sustainable network of business angels”

The partnership will address and combine the areas of social entrepreneurship and female entrepreneurship, as these are both under-recognised and under-represented in the EU, in order to equip women who are currently running a social enterprise or are thinking of setting up a social enterprise with the skills, knowledge, best practices and latest community – based funding opportunities to set up and develop their ideas.