The initial idea of the “Balkan Women Coalition” rose in 2012 and was developed from partner organizations from Greece, Romania, Croatia, FYROM, Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria and Turkey.

Women Entrepreneurship Business Associations

Meeting in Bucharest 2012

New Opportunities in Business and Development

Meeting in Bucharest 2014

Women Entrepreneurs and their Role in Promoting Corporate Governance

Meeting in Bucharest 2014

Business for Migrants and People with Disabilities

Meeting in Istanbul 2013

Introducing of new Educational Methods Supporting Entrepreneurship in the Balkan Region

Meeting in Sofia 2012

Exchanging best practices in Entrepreneurship and Business Organizations Social Sciences

Meeting in Sofia 2014

Kick Off Meeting

Meeting in Thessaloniki 2012

Management versus Leadership Branding your Company

Meeting in Thessaloniki 2013

How to Advocate in Brussels

Meeting in Thessaloniki 2014

The Status of Women Entrepreneurship and the need of Adult Education

Meeting in Zagreb 2013

Women Entrepreneurship and Crisis

Meeting in Zagreb 2014