The initial idea of the “Balkan Women Coalition” rose in 2012 and was developed from partner organizations from Greece, Romania, Croatia, FYROM, Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria and Turkey.

Albanian Association of Industrial Environmentalist (AAIE) was founded on 28.09.2000 in Tirana. Through its projects in the field of socio – economic development, AAIE aims to assist the social and economic recovery of Albania evaluating various social-economic policies initiatives. In the field of sustainable and human development, AAIE offers its expertise and contributes in the advocacy and policy dialogue while working with government structure; encouragement of the debate about the best path for Albanian development toward the EU integration process. Sustainable social services, gender issue and empowerment of the individuals remain a consistent cross cutting strategy for all projects of AAIE to make individuals more active players in their community and be more responsive to community needs.