Seminars organized by S.E.G.E. in July and November 2012

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S.E.G.E. organized at its premises in Thessaloniki 2 Seminars using the training material prepared under the European Life Long Learning Grundtvig Programme “Balkan Women Coalition for Professional Qualification and Training in the field of Business and Economic Science – BWCo” in July and November 2012.

S.E.G.E. organized 2 Seminars on 9th – 10th July 2012 and on 19th – 20th November 2012 at its seminar hall at its premises in Thessaloniki. The topic of the 2 Seminars was “How to Engage in Public Policy Advocacy” with the use of training material prepared in the framework of the B-WCo. The Seminars attended more than 50 Members of S.E.G.E. and more than 20 women would – be – entrepreneurs who were educated on Public Policy Advocacy methods. All attendees expressed their satisfaction regarding the knowledge they gained and the usefulness of Public Policy Advocacy towards supporting and promoting female entrepreneurship.

S.E.G.E. is training its Members on topics regarding Female Entrepreneurship on a continuous base as its aim is to support their business activity and their participation into the business field.

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