Association of Business Women in Serbia (A.B.W. - Serbia)

Association of Business Women in Serbia (A.B.W. - Serbia)

The organization has 200 members (with a 6 member board and 2 full-time employees) and is established in Serbia. Its main aims and objectives are: Increase the number of women start-ups,

Raise awareness and reinforce the visibility of women business owners, Encourage existing woman-owned companies to expand their businesses, Provide a forum where women entrepreneurs can exchange ideas and increase their business contacts, Influence the development of public policies which are favorable for SMEs, Strengthen local, regional, and international ties among women entrepreneurs through the exchange of experiences and ideas, Promote social responsibility and a high standard of ethics in business, Training in new business opportunities

The organization take place in the following projects the last years:

  • “From vulnerable to sustainable Group” research on women’s position at the labor market, founded by UNDP. The coordinating organization is the ABW. The results of the project is qualitative business to business and quantitative research which had as result Research study on how to overcome poverty among women by self-employment.
  • “Ronja Education center”RECQ funded by the Olof-palme Institute. The coordination of the project is done by the Union of Tenants Stockholm Sweden. In 2007 and 2008 years,  two three-days seminars were organized for them in business plan development, micro-financing opportunities, registration of the firm and basic management skills. The VoždovacMunicipality informed its women inhabitants of the seminar in written and electronic form. The seminar was also supported by the Municipality management, which has the capacity to render assistance to individual unemployed women trying to get employed.
  • ‘Freja’ Forum for democracy, equal opportunities and EU integration, funded by the Olof-palme Institute. The coordination of the project is done by the Union of Tenants Stockholm Sweden. The main objective of Freja 2007 was to create and develop new possibilities and contacts in working life and     society for women and also to build a network to support female entrepreneurship between the four countries in the western Balkans, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina. It was held in Tuzla.

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