Association of Business women, Skopje (A.B.W - Skopje)

Association of Business women, Skopje (A.B.W - Skopje)

The Association assembling its members in order to provide relationships between the business women of regional, national and international level, aiming at the development of their personal businesses respectively, at presentation of various possibilities and needs, and on the ground of forementioned, at identification and utilization of available domestic and foreign resources (partners, knowledge, new markets, capital assets, technology and similar).

The realization of the aims for its members from paragraph 1 of this article is attained through the following activities of the Association:

  1. Support for the policies of promotion of women’s entrepreneurship;
  2. Support for the policies of promotion of women’s entrepreneurship aimed at efficient strategis development of the women’s entrepreneurship;
  3. Education in the field of the women’s entepreneurship;
  4. Financing the women’s entepreneurship;
  5. Promotion of the interests of women’s entrepreneurship;
  6. Connecting with similar associations and groups abroad;
  7. Supporting the profitable, creative and specialized sprojects of the members of the Association;
  8. Supporting the members of the Association in promotion of their business interests;
  9. Organizing and maintaining an information database for women in businesses;
  10. Supporting through the network of women’s organizations the involvement of the members of the Association in the projects and credit lines of the state programs, as well as in the European and other worldwide programs, organizations and institutions;
  11. Starting with the organization of the education for various aspects of starting and leading business;
  12. Founding specialized centers or branches for information, consultational and educational services;
  13. Enabling an inclusion of their members to the international databases;
  14. Providing the members with the new knowledge and technologies;

Providing various support of profitable, creative, and specialized projects of its members

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