Association of Women Entrepreneurs in Bulgaria ”SELENA”

Association of Women Entrepreneurs in Bulgaria ”SELENA”The Association of Women Entrepreneurs in Bulgaria “SELENA” was registered on 17 January 2007 inSofia, Bulgaria. SELENA is a non-profit organisation. It provides opportunities for all businesswomen at every stage of their career, to empower other women in the development and advancement of their business’ and professional lives, fostering financial independence, professional development and personal satisfaction.The mission statement of “SELENA” is to encourages women to support each other, to enhance recognition of the achievements of women in business and the professions, and promotes the growth of women-owned enterprises through research and sharing information, training opportunities, project development, business meeting, credit facilitation, creating of women business networks, etc. SELENA has been founded by a group of different skilled people working together to create synergies aimed at exploring development opportunities for the Bulgarian economy on an international level in the following sectors: training, entrepreneurial management and business strategy, consulting services, communication and marketing activities, European funds and Community programmes, coordination of territorial improvement projects. Our Association intends to cooperate as external expert with institutions, Ministries, Regions and public bodies in order to plan various projects: trainings and refresher courses, virtual incubators for businesswomen, promotion and development of women’s entrepreneurship, monitoring, researches, vocational guidance, promotion of entrepreneurial values, scholarships, traineeships and tutoring. SELENA aims at becoming the key interlocutor with the appropriate institutions in order to define and share its aims, promote networks and partnerships, by fulfilling the twofold objective of giving women a stronger voice, while confirming and underlining the increasing contribution that women always give to the economic and social development of each country. Selena organized the 1° and 2° international forum of female entrepreneurs in Bulgaria, in collaboration with the Bulgarian Executive Agency for Development and promotion of SMEs and with the support of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and Ministry of Economy and Energy.Selena is also involved in awareness building of employers for integration of disadvantaged groups, the importance of job placement, lifelong guidance activity. Selena would like to develop its staff’s soft skills that involved in guidance and job placement activities and also would like to share it’s national and international experiences in integration process of women entrepreneurs to the labour market, introduce it’s services, training programmes and publications.

  1. Project “Open Doors to Europe” presented within the call for proposals VP/2007/012 under the Progress Programme funded by the European Commission.
  2. Programme LIFELONG LEARNING PROGRAMME Sub-program type PARTNERSHIPS Grundtvig Action Action Grundtvig Learning Partnerships.
  3. Budget Heading 04040103 VP/2007/005 Project title: XENIAct-Xenia Art, Culture and Territory for Sustainable Development “ .
  4. Lifelong Learning Programme 2007-2013, LEONARDO DA VINCI - Multilateral projects for transfer of innovation



a) 04.06.2007 Conference "The equality policies: 50 years of European course. What are the challenges?

b) 05.03.2008 "Women entrepreneurs and women in politics"

c) 2007/2008 Business incubator project

d) 26/27.09.2008 1° International Forum of Women Entrepreneurs Bulgaria

e) 19/20.11. 201O 2° International Forum of Women Entrepreneurs Bulgaria